The Persecution of Becky Hill and What’s Really Going On With Alex Murdaugh’s Defense
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Convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh is headed to federal court to plead guilty for the first time in any of his criminal cases. True Sunlight co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell take a look at the timing of this plea deal and how his motion for a new trial — with his bombshell accusations of jury-tampering — fit into Team Murdaugh’s larger plan. Update: Murdaugh did plead guilty in federal court today as Mandy and David live chatted the event to Premium Members on Discord. Sentencing will occur at a later date. Keep in mind: the SC AG currently has custody of Alex as “primary custodian” for life sentences but promised to deliver/loan him to any federal hearings and in essence Alex didn’t object to that back in May. And when sentenced federally, the bureau of prisons / federal judge can execute/order sentence to be consecutive or concurrent to state sentence… but he’ll serve it in the care of primary custodian. We’re back on the Murdaugh roller coaster this week so.. buckle up. Speaking of roller coasters, Mandy has been recording the audio version of her book Blood On Their Hands: Murder, Corruption, And The Fall of the Murdaugh Dynasty and it’s been so emotional for her saying out loud the parts of this story she kept so tight for so many years.  We are shamelessly asking you, our loyal listeners who have stuck by us for more than 100 episodes, to pre-order Blood On Their Hands hard copy, digital or audiobooks, which will be available in book stores near you on November 14th! Learn more or Pre-order your copy at Premium members will also get access to a ton of new content matched with each chapter when the book releases in November.  Thursday night, Luna Shark Soak Up The Sun Premium members will get access to a very special PRE-recorded happy hour with "BOTH" co-author Carolyn Murnick and Mandy. We recorded ahead of time it because David and Mandy are attending Alex's federal hearing in Charleston, which we will talk about later in this episode. The Happy Hour will answer a lot of questions y'all have about the book PLUS Carolyn and Mandy will be joining the LIVE chat so they can answer your questions as we all watch together Thursday 9/21/23 at 7 pm. Premium Members also get access to searchable case files, written articles with documents, case photos, episode videos and exclusive live experiences with our hosts on all in one place. CLICK HERE to learn more: But for this episode, it seems like Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin are continuing to burn South Carolina’s justice system to the ground — all to help a man who ruined so many lives — but so far not one of their plans has worked. Will this be the one time they’re actually on the mark? Let's get into it. We all want to drink from the same Cup Of Justice — and it starts with learning about our legal system. By popular demand, Cup of Justice launched as its own weekly show - and debuted #1 on Apple Podcasts the first day! Go to to learn more or click the link in the episode description to get a hot cup of justice wherever you get your podcasts! Apple: Spotify: SUNscribe to our free email list to get alerts on bonus episodes, calls to action, new shows and updates. CLICK HERE to learn more: And a special thank you to our sponsors:, PELOTON, Simplisafe, and others. Use promo code "MANDY" for a special offer! For current & accurate updates: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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