The Short-Tempered Serial Killer
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In 1991 a brother and sister are stabbed to death in their own home in the small Norwegian town of Tistedalen. This double murder proves to be tricky to solve and the case drags on for years. Eventually, Tistedalen will become known for a spate of extremely violent murders and robberies. New episode every Tuesday. From Podimo, Murder in the North has been the #1 true crime podcast across Europe, and is now available in English told by Jenna Sharpe. Host: Jenna Sharpe Text and research: Janne Aagard Music: Frej Levin Translator: Laura Vroomen Editor: Laura Kabell Produced for Podimo by Dag en Nacht Media
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Published 08/08/23
In November 1996, residents of the Copenhagen neighbourhood Vesterbro are woken up by screaming sirens. It’s not unusual around here, but this time it’s not because of a conflict between drug dealers. The police have received multiple calls from the same apartment building. Several people have...
Published 08/08/23
To those who knew her, news of the death of 14-year-old Sonay doesn’t come as a surprise. Both her teachers and child services tried their best to protect the girl but were ultimately unsuccessful. Sonay came to Denmark from Iraq as a nine-year-old and quickly assimilated into the new culture –...
Published 08/01/23