Kew's Fungarium: The World's Largest Collection of Fungi
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Over one million specimens of fungi share a space known as the Fungarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It is the largest collection of dried fungi in the world with specimens as old as the 1700s. Today we welcome lead mycologist Tuula Niskanen, and Fungarium curator Lee Davies to spotlight this important collection. We discuss when, where, why, and how fungi from all over the world are collected, studied and preserved.  Topics Covered: How the Kew Fungarium is curated and maintained The value and importance of saving physical specimensShelf life and preservation methods of fungi in the form of spores, mycelium and fruiting bodiesSpecimen highlightsThe Kew Gardens State of the World’s Fungi ReportHow citizen science can help and benefit from Kew    Show notes: Access the Fungarium: IMI database: Beyond the Gardens short virtual tour: State of The World’s Fungi: Ophiocordyceps taylorii photo: Hongos de Patagonia: 
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