Michael Beug: The Famous Mycology Professor
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Today we are joined by Micahel Beug, a legendary professor and scientist from Evergreen State College. Micheal mentored a handful of the today’s great myologists such as Paul Stamets, Jonathan Ott and Jeremy Bigwood. With a PhD in organic chemistry and a love for mushrooms, Michael’s expertise was and continues to be instrumental for the growth of mycology as a whole. After just publishing a field guide “Mushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key”, we are blessed to have this opportunity to talk with Michael. Tune in for some insider info on culture and science of mycology in the western world. Topics Covered: Stories from the mushroom toxicology call listThe development of mycology education at Evergreen State CollegeMichael Beugs recent publication “Mushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key”Early mycological culture with a renown crew including Paul Stamets, Jeremy Bigwood, Jonathan OttResearching psychotropic fungi at Evergreen: methods, chemistry, bureaucratic, and moreProfessor Beug’s specialty in  biochemistry and enzyme kinetics, and how that supported the mycology research at EvergreenMichael’s work on studying the ecological impacts of DDT, effectively ending the use of DDT in North America!Basics of fungal metabolismThe national effort to define the mycoflora of North AmericaShow Notes: Michael Beug’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mwbeug44/Publication on DDT: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/18165522_Carbonic_Anhydrase_Interaction_with_DDT_DDE_and_DieldrinMushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key: https://fungi.com/collections/identification-guides/products/mushrooms-of-cascadiaEvergreen College: https://www.evergreen.edu/Fungi Magazine Contributing Author: https://www.fungimag.com/bios/beug.htm
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