Infectious Fungi - Dr. Neil Gow
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We are joined by Mycologist Neil Gow who has formal training in mycology, especially in relation to infectious fungi. On today's show, we look at fungi through the lens of pathogenic interactions with humans. Which fungi are most likely to cause a human zombie apocalypse? Why are fungi so useful for drug discovery? What happens when you inject psilocybin tea into your veins?  Although his research is on combating fungal infections, Neil is a big time mycophile with jaw dropping information on this impressive kingdom of life.  Topics covered: Common fungal infections in humans The status of research and understanding of pathogenic fungi, esp with humansWhy are fungal infections so hard to treat?What are the mechanisms of fungal infection in humans?Mucormycosis or the "black fungus" outbreaks The pervasiveness of candidaEvolution of drug resistant fungi Case Study: Intravenous Injection of PsilocybinThe morbid question: which fungal species are most likely to cause zombie humans?Forensic mycology and microbiologyPrevalence of fungal productsThe mycobiome and mutualism between human and fungal speciesAntifungal drug discovery Show notes: What is this field of Mycology?: Neil Gow's Publications: The Genus Plague: A “Trip” to the ICU: An Intravenous Injection of Psilocybin: ECMM: WHO Data on Fungal Infections:
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