Farming with Mycorrhizal Fungi - Dr. Jozsef Racsko
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How can we apply mycorrhizal fungi? Today’s topic of applied mycology is a deep dive into the plant's point of view on mycorrhizal relationships. We are joined by plant physiologist and mycologist Dr. Jozsef Racsko, who is a lead scientist at Mycorrhizal Applications — a company bringing mycorrhizal inoculum to industrial agriculture and home gardens alike.  Topics Covered: Mechanisms of mycorrhizal fungiImportance of mycorrhizal diversity in agriculture Other symbiotic relationships between fungi & plants such as endophytic fungiCurrent state of farming with mycorrhizal fungiWhy some fungi don’t form mycorrhizal relationshipsNutrient content produce grown with mycorrhizal fungi What to know about using fertilizers with mycorrhizaeThe roles of mycorrhizae in drought toleranceExplorations in farming mycorrhizal fungi Show Notes: Mycorrhizal Applications Website: Jozsef Racsko LinkedIn: Mycorrhizal Applications in Horticulture: How Mycorrhizae Can Improve Plant Quality: Fertilizing with Mycorrhizae: More useful publications:
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