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Showing up is literally the most important part. Here are some thoughts on the importance of being consistent with your music-making, as well as a pep talk for #jamuary2022. Listen on Apple or Stitcher or Google or Spotify; watch on YouTube Show Notes: Website - Intro Music Made with 16-Bit Ableton Live Pack - Music Production Club -  5-Minute Music Producer - Music Production Podcast - Save 25% on Ableton Live Packs at my store with the code: PODCAST - Thank you for listening.  Please review the Music Production Podcast on your favorite podcast provider! And don’t forget to visit my site for music production tutorials, videos, and sound packs. Brian Funk
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GPU Audio is a Digital Sound Processing platform that unlocks a standard Graphics Processing Unit to handle audio production with next-gen performance capabilities. GPU Audio dramatically enhances performance by offloading processing from a computer's CPU to its GPU. I spoke with Jonathan and...
Published 05/18/22
Published 05/18/22
Jim Hustwit is a music producer who creates bespoke music compositions for film, television, and advertising through his company LARP Music. He has worked for companies like BBC, Universal, and Apple. Jim is the host of the Sync Music Matters Podcast. I had a great talk with Jim about his work...
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