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Matthew Dicks is a best-selling author of fiction and non-fiction, including two books I immediately started reading again when I finished them, Storyworthy and Someday is Today. He is the 56-time Moth Story Slam Champion and 9-time Grand Slam Champion. He also wrote a rock opera. Matthew Dicks is a master storyteller and discussed how good story-telling can help make us better songwriters and conversationalists. He shared specific techniques and practices that will help artists of all kinds become more productive and express themselves more effectively. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, or watch on YouTube Show Notes: Matthew Dicks Website - Someday is Today - Storyworthy - Matthew's Blog - Matthew's Coaching and Consulting - Homework for Life - "This is Going to Suck" - TED Talk "You Are Your Best Audience" - Brian Funk Website - Music Production Club -  5-Minute Music Producer - Intro Music Made with 16-Bit Ableton Live Pack - Music Production Podcast - Save 25% on Ableton Live Packs at my store with the code: PODCAST - Thank you for listening.  Please review the Music Production Podcast on your favorite podcast provider! And don’t forget to visit my site for music production tutorials, videos, and sound packs. Brian Funk  
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