My Bigfoot Sighting Episode 32 - I Held Hands with a Sasquatch!
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On last week's show, tonight's guest detailed a few of the 11 Sasquatch sightings he's had, over the years, since 1959. On that show, he mentioned the 2 encounters he had where he actually held hands with the Sasquatch he encountered. He didn't chronicle those experiences, though. On tonight's show, however, he will. We hope you'll tune in and listen to him do that. If you’ve had a Bigfoot sighting and would like to be a guest, on the show, please go to and let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Show's theme song, "Banjo Music," courtesy Nathan Brumley
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What would you do if an 8-foot-tall male Sasquatch peed on you? Probably nothing, just like tonight’s guest, Warren Smiley did, when it happened to him. Warren has spent a lot of time in the forests of Washington State. While out there, he’s amassed an impressive knowledge regarding the ways of...
Published 04/23/22