Finding Purpose in the Waiting
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Let’s face it - waiting in life is inevitable. Jessi brings one of her wisest friends and mentors, Janet Ellis, to tell her stories of finding joy and peace in the waiting. Janet, an incredible storyteller, has lived through a lot of life and trials in the waiting - and opens up and shares her stories that apply to women of all ages and waiting in different seasons and timelines. Jessi and Janet talk about the ways they found true purpose, strength, peace and joy in their seasons of long waiting. One of the most encouraging episodes yet!
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Jessi, David and her mom sit down to talk about what rest and balance mean in today’s world and in the Word. Jessi and David also touch on a personal life update. They tie off their season finale with thanking and honoring their listeners and all the guests on this season as they hit pause! We...
Published 09/01/21
Published 09/01/21
Join Jessi & her fiancé, David, as they sit down for a laid-back conversation on God’s calling and intimacy with Jesus. They first dish a personal-life update followed by an episode filled with a discussion on defining God’s calling and focusing on the things of the...
Published 08/18/21