Dr. Narco Longo, the mind behind Old World Florida on Youtube, joins me for a discussion about how his discovery began in his home state, piecing together the overlooked evidence that shows the legendary Atlantis may have existed in what is now Florida. we started with John Saxer and the numerous Stone Anchors he has cataloged around Tarpan Springs, FL. We discussed other evidences for supporting theories that show remnants of European, and Moorish cultures being present in the "New World"...
Published 12/05/22
Midnight Mike, Host and Creator of The OBDM podcast joins for a conversation about what led him down this path, where he is most fascinated and what he thinks may come next. Mike shared his insights into UFOlogy, Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. We discussed intimate/invasive alien encounters, where Ufology blurs with fiction. We later discussed skinwalker ranch and the strange corporate interest in the area, Mike played a clip from the Meadows Project as well as another stirring clip of a...
Published 11/30/22
Published 11/30/22
Slick Dissident returns to share some of his mystic linguistic techniques, detailing how words conceal hidden meanings and clues towards a broader message, Slick then broke down the Enneagram and exposes the syncretic connective tissue that holds personality archetypes, with Greek Deities, and Shadow aspects of self. Slick connects this understanding to the Tarot Major Arcana and the connections don't stop there. we then pivot into Star Wars and how the enneagram can reveal hidden meaning...
Published 11/28/22
MFTIC Presents: Synchro Wisdom Dialogue, episode six, John Doe joins me to discuss how he escaped his extreme family environment to forge a new path towards a better life. We also discuss their idea for an anonymous podcast, theology, hell as a manipulative concept, starting your life over, and how his newfound fascination with new age concepts has led him to grow and heal.
Published 11/26/22
Charlie Robinson joins me for a discussion about the collapse of our American empire, Charlie argues that this was designed as a controlled demolition in his latest book and we discussed evidences for why this may be well underway, Charlie detailed the current situation with Crypto and FTX, we discussed the ups and downs of federal government, and how before we tear down the system we must replace it with a better one.
Published 11/23/22
Simon Shack, Author of The Tychos Geoaxial Binary System, and Patrik Holmqvist designer and programmer of the Tychosium Geo Heliocentric Model Simulation, are here to discuss their triumphant work in avenging the wrongful death and obfuscation of Tycho Brahe and his life's work, we discussed the astronomical physics of the Tychos Model, the structure of the Geo Heliocentric model. They elaborated on the fact that Earth is spinning very slowly at the center of our solar system and illustrated...
Published 11/21/22
Jeff Finup, Host of The Wisconsin Legends Podcast, and Creator of Badgerland Legends, He shared with us how his legend tripping has led him to discover many different paranormal tales being spun around the Badger State, Jeff discussed his box theory, the Beast of Bray Road, Big Cats and other Strange Cryptids sighted throughout the state. Jeff shared why synchromysticism is important, how psychic geography is available for us all to behold, and how Micro-Adventures can break your mundane...
Published 11/16/22
Matthew Smith, Joins me to discuss his experiences in the world of mainstream architecture, volunteering during Hurricane Katrina working with local Anarchists to rebuild decimated sections of New Orleans, and touring the underground of Seattle, Washington which led to his recent realization that there is more to our nations cities than what remains aboveground. He shared the forensic approach to understanding the components of classic old world architecture and shared examples such as Fort...
Published 11/14/22
Henry Hablak, Artist returns to discuss his latest project reimagining the ancient world in his incredible tattoo work and illustrations which he joined together in his new Solaria Comic Book, we discussed ancient greece, art, and Oracles and Muses. Support Henry here: https://www.henryhablak.com/
Published 11/13/22
Marja West is a Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator, author, non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, Way-Show-er, Divine Love Agent Provocateur, Medical Intuitive, and Master Energy Healing Facilitator. Well-known for her often hilarious, disarming, and electrifying presentations, Marja's teachings are practical reminders to engage and activate your Superpower of *Focus* to easefully allow the physical and conscious embodiment of Divinity as Grand Creators of Reality, outside of the Matrix. She...
Published 11/09/22
Esoteric Eddie, returns this time to revise his original work on The Annunaki and share his insights after many years of research, we discussed The Lost Sumerian Tablets, Zecharia Sitchin, The Deluge, The Fall of The Old World Gods and how many key facts are yet to hit the mainstream, well we got into it here of course.
Published 11/07/22
Illuminati Confirmed 18: Mario Garza joins us to discuss his symbol decoding and how he has found a strange connection between various ancient cultures and their stories relating to the seven stars of Ursa Major and how The North Star connects. The show starts with Juan Chris and Mark joking around about who knows what, this carried into introducing Mario Garza our guest, who went on to interpret the symbolism sported on Elon Musk's latest iron clad fashion statement, He then shared his views...
Published 11/04/22
Laura Mylott Manning, Artist and Energy Worker, joins me to discuss growing up in New Haven CT, Her Journey with Art, Creating Portals during the pandemic, Healing from afar with reiki and how she can tap into the energy of people and entire places, I asked her about her current energy reading of New Haven, I explained the saturnian connection and she elaborated on the incoming celestial succession.
Published 11/02/22
Host of Reality Czars, Nate Chavoya and I had an awesome conversation about fraternities, Skull and Bones, secret societies, bigfoot, and Folk magic, the early colonies, witch trials, the ties between science, magic, alchemy Christian mysticism, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, occultism and so much more! https://anchor.fm/realityczars
Published 11/01/22
Andreas Xirtus returns to discuss many amazing lesser known facts about the history of Halloween in America, The occult influence of the catholic church, the pagan elements of European folk culture that was wiped out by the church and empire and how all of these collided into the manifestation of our modern Halloween celebration, some parts ceremonial some parts secular, we also examined evidence of occult practices throughout several religions and cultures throughout history.
Published 10/31/22
If you haven't noticed by now I have a new podcast focusing specifically on The Esoteric Aspects of The America's please subscribe and listen to our previous 10 episodes wherever you are listening to this, and if you have some research that you would like to share about your corner of America get in touch with us at [email protected]
Published 10/29/22
Topher Gardner, Architect, Natural Philosopher and Athlete, joins me to discuss many many concepts relating to metaphysics, architecture, and natural philosophy, Topher is on a fascinating journey and has accumulated some incredible insights into the hidden nature of our reality from managing ashram's to building them, Topher took us on a journey through his experiences in South Florida as a kid, learning principles that he would later utilize in Costa Rica becoming a entrepreneur and...
Published 10/26/22
Amber O'Dell, Host of the podcast Accessing Elysium, joined me for a conversation a about her new podcast, the strange experiences she has had lately some of which included, psychic perception, Sleep Paralysis, Witnessing flying little men, and possibly being hypnotized by these strange Djinn like Entities. Support Amber here: https://altmediaunited.com/access-elysium/
Published 10/24/22
Illuminati Confirmed 17: Joel Thomas of Van Tesla, and Sean Chris join us to discuss their podcast Kill The Mockingbird, Their Musical and Lyrical artistry as Rappers and musicians, Joel's work alongside Tony Merkel hunting Cryptids and what he learned from a Nephilim Expert along the way. We discussed laymans sociology and theorized our conspiracies in an unformatted raw conversation live on youtube. Follow Sean and Joel Here: https://linktr.ee/killthemockingbirds
Published 10/23/22
Rick Strassman, an American clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He has held a fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology research at the University of California San Diego and was Professor of Psychiatry for eleven years at the University of New Mexico. After 20 years of intermission, Strassman was the first person in the United States to undertake human research with psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or entheogenic substances with his...
Published 10/21/22
Estee Astra, Esoteric Astrologer, joins me to discuss being raised in a cult, how our whole society is a dysfunctional cult and why astrology can help us better understand and heal our broken families. We discussed the astrology of the united states and what insights that can be gained from examining the natal chart of places. I asked about New Haven as Estee has also spent time here, and she shared some inside info concerning YU and S and B...
Published 10/19/22
Bob Frissell, Author and Teacher, joins me to discuss the writing of his cult classic book, Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are, and what has occurred since this book was published over 25 years ago. We discussed The Face and Monuments on Mars that inspired the start of his now classic book, we discussed his method of Breath Alchemy and how it transformed his health, and provided him an inspiring path in life. Bob shared the secrets of the light body and how to...
Published 10/17/22
Illuminati Confirmed 16: Ryan Burns Returns to discuss his knowledge of the wisdom traditions and how they've been preserved by certain secret societies to advance humanity. afterwards we invited several live viewers to join in on the conversation, it was a debacle that you won't wanna miss. Ryan Burns can be found on youtube and on all podcast apps search HEROparanormal
Published 10/17/22
Mark Gober is the author of An End to Upside Down Thinking (2018), which was awarded the IPPY award for best science book of 2019. He is also the author of An End to Upside Down Living (2020), An End to Upside Down Liberty (2021), and An End to Upside Down Contact (2022); and he is the host of the podcast Where Is My Mind? (2019). Additionally, he serves on the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment. Previously, Gober was a partner at Sherpa...
Published 10/14/22