Illuminati Confirmed 15: Gravedigger, Paranoid American, Shane Newsome | Hidden History, Diffusionism and The Lost Tribes
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Juan Chris and Mark are back for our new twice a month live stream, we start off discussing the New King Charles, and more. After our intro Gravedigger joins us to discuss his knowledge of hip hop and research into the actual history of North America prior to Columbus and the re-writing of the original inhabitants history. We also invited Paranoid American and Shane Newsome to join in towards the end! this show went deep! Gravy tells us about his experience escaping a religious cult and Paranoid American assured us that The Freemasons aren't completely evil...
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Midnight Mike, Host and Creator of The OBDM podcast joins for a conversation about what led him down this path, where he is most fascinated and what he thinks may come next. Mike shared his insights into UFOlogy, Cryptozoology and the Paranormal. We discussed intimate/invasive alien encounters,...
Published 11/30/22
Slick Dissident returns to share some of his mystic linguistic techniques, detailing how words conceal hidden meanings and clues towards a broader message, Slick then broke down the Enneagram and exposes the syncretic connective tissue that holds personality archetypes, with Greek Deities, and...
Published 11/28/22
Published 11/28/22