I was recently contacted by Kanji Nakata from the Kamikatsu Awa Bancha Association. His English is quite good, so we decided to record this podcast episode. We talk about Awa...Continue reading
Published 09/20/22
Published 09/20/22
A while ago I was contacted by Tristan Otto, the co-founder of Steeped. I didn’t know that this app existed, so I talked with Tristan to learn more about it....Continue reading
Published 06/14/22
In this episode I interview James Johnson from Osadaen. We talk about their different teas, for example the dark tea yamabuki nadeshiko. This tea company led by Osada Natsumi is...Continue reading
Published 05/17/22
I was contacted by a new online tea store: Matcha Kanaya. Osami Ogai and the owner Tsutomu Sugiyama tell us about Shimada city in Shizuoka prefecture, their matcha, and how...Continue reading
Published 03/08/22
In this episode I talk with Tyas Sosen about his 6 week tea ceremony intensive course. At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a basic...Continue reading
Published 08/31/21
In this episode I interview Nicholas Leo, the founder of Matcha Moto. This store offers ceremonial grade matcha at an affordable price. I’m interested in trying it. I’ll post the...Continue reading
Published 02/02/21
In this episode I interview Oscar Brekell. He explains how professional tea tasting is done in Japan and why its goal is not the same as that of a tasting...Continue reading
Published 01/15/21
Published 11/24/20
I had been wanting to record a podcast about Japanese tea cultivars for a long time. My chance finally came after speaking with Noli Ergas from Sugimoto Tea. Why should we care about tea cultivars? When did cultivar use start … Continue reading →
Published 06/09/20
In this episode I interviewed Daisuke Horiguchi and Kyle Ketner of Wakoen. I was surprised by how much information they had to share. We talk about the history of the company, the types of teas that they sell, their teanery … Continue reading →
Published 05/26/20
In this episode I interview Joelle and Aldo Bloise from Ikkyu. Ikkyu is an online store that sells Japanese tea from Kyushu, one of the main islands of Japan. It was fun to speak with Joelle and Aldo, they are … Continue reading →
Published 03/17/20
In this episode I interview Tyas Sōsen of The Tea Crane. He’s been on this podcast several times before. We talk about his book: The Story of Japanese Tea. The information offered by Tyas is useful whether you’ve read the … Continue reading →
Published 01/14/20
In this episode, Elyse Petersen of Tealet shares her experience with organizing tea events. She recently wrote a related article on T Ching. Tea events are the key to spreading the word about specialty tea. It’s an important marketing tool. … Continue reading →
Published 11/05/19
I reviewed The Book of Japanese Tea some time ago. It’s my favorite book about Japanese tea so far. In this podcast episode Oscar Brekell tells us about how this bilingual book came to be, how it was received by … Continue reading →
Published 09/24/19
I’ve reviewed teas from DoMatcha before, they have all been very good. But I hadn’t recorded a podcast episode about this company until now. In this episode I interview John Harrison, the CEO of DoMatcha. He tells the story of … Continue reading →
Published 03/12/19
I had heard about Mizuba Tea many times before, but I hadn’t talked with its founder Lauren Danson until now. Mizuba Tea specializes in matcha. Naturally, we talk a lot about matcha in this episode. Among the topics covered are … Continue reading →
Published 12/04/18
Tyas Sōsen from The Tea Crane has been working on a new tea project. In this podcast we talk about his Kickstarter campaign, organic and natural teas in Japan, how to prepare them, and about teas other than the usual … Continue reading →
Published 08/08/18
In this episode I talk with Robert Wemischner, the author of Cooking with Tea, about pairing green tea with cheese. Robert is very knowledgeable about tea pairings, I attended one of his tea and cheese pairing sessions at the World … Continue reading →
Published 07/31/18
I had met Elsa Derrez and Naoki Kagata of Rishouen Tea a while ago, when I visited the company in Uji. Click here to read the post I wrote about it. In this interview we talk about the process of … Continue reading →
Published 02/16/18
I first met Oscar Brekell in Japan at last year’s Uji press tea tour. At that time, I didn’t know that I was speaking to a famous tea personality in Japan! Oscar appears frequently in Japanese television and has recently … Continue reading →
Published 09/26/17
3 Leaf Tea specializes in matcha. The company sells online, and also in their physical store and café in Auburn, NY. In this episode I speak with Luciana Torous, the founder, about the story behind the company and also about … Continue reading →
Published 09/06/17
In this episode I talk with Noli Ergas of Sugimoto America about the matcha market in the United States. Among the topics covered are: the current trend regarding demand of matcha, a description of  the different grades of matcha, and … Continue reading →
Published 08/30/17
In this episode I interview Kei Nishida, the founder of Japanese Green Tea In. This online store sells Japanese tea in the US, which they source from Arahataen Green Tea Farms in Shizuoka prefecture. In a previous post, I reviewed … Continue reading →
Published 07/04/17
I first saw the Tea-Ceré at the 2015 World Tea Expo in Long Beach. It’s a wonderful concept. Imagine adding tencha leaves and quickly obtaining a matcha that has been ground and whisked for you. What’s more, you can grind … Continue reading →
Published 05/24/16