Ep 26: Going Back To School And Changing Careers In Denmark As An Expat Mother
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I have talked to so many internationals/expats/immigrants living in Denmark and for some reason, many of them have the same pattern - Going back to school and Changing their Careers when they move to Denmark. I want to find out why so many expats and internationals decide to change careers when they move to Denmark.  Imagine going to school and working for years in your home country, but when you move to Denmark, nothing is equivalent to education here in Denmark. OR you simply can’t get a job because the Danish language is highly required for the positions.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO???  I’ve met with expat and immigrants that are: psychologists, doctors, and dentists that moved to Denmark from abroad and They told me if they want to practice in Denmark - They will have to go back to school to get certification to practice in Denmark. Of course, many of them do return to school, but some of them decide to completely change careers.  Kelly Kristensen my guest will be talking about her move to Denmark, changing careers, and going back to school as an adult in a whole different country. She will be talking about her experience and how different the school system in Denmark really is. Also, she will talk about her Blog, My New Danish Life, and YouTube Channel. You can also check it out and see what she is up to with her family.   Get ready to listen to this fun podcast on life in Denmark as a mother. Listen, Laugh and Enjoy!
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