Why I Changed Careers When I Moved To Denmark With Katie Garth
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Today I really want to talk about Career Change. The more I talk to International moms I am noticing more and more people changing careers or having completely different jobs when living in Denmark.  Why do we as an international feel like we need to change careers when we live in Denmark? I definitely did a big career change when I moved to Denmark. I was working in the Beverage industry in Sales and Marketing, and when I moved to Denmark I shifted my industry and career to Technology and Telecom.  A career change, language, the country is a big shift for some people, but when you have an entire family going through the same thing - WOW. That transition must be hard not only for parents but for the kids too. So Today, I have a guest who completely changed her career from being a Children's nurse in the UK to an internal coordinator at one of the biggest turbine companies in the world.  We will be talking about how she ended up in Denmark, how her kids transitioned to life in Denmark, AND her career shift from nurse to office work.   Let me introduce you all to Katie Garth from the UK.
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