Pacifiers: In or out?
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Pacifiers are so convenient… until they’re not. At some point, there can be concerns about developing teeth and interference with speech, and weaning a child off a pacifier can be challenging.   The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and speech and language therapists recommend starting that weaning process between 6 to 12 months, and weaning entirely before a child’s third birthday.    To guide us through that transition, My New Life host Jessica Rolph welcomes Dr. Amy Conrad to today’s episode. Dr. Amy is a mother to a 10-month-old, a Lovevery customer, and the host of the Ask Doctor Amy podcast.   Highlights: [1:19] Dr. Amy talks about the pros and cons of pacifier use. [3:42] What red flags should parents be looking for with regard to pacifier use? [5:52] Dr. Amy shares her thoughts about the paci fairy approach. [7:25] If a child is using a pacifier all through the day and at night, is it advisable to wean them from the pacifier during awake times, and then eventually extend that to nap-time and finally bedtime?  [8:38] Can we revert to pacifiers when a child gets sick or during a trip? [9:30] What about gradually shortening the tips of the pacifier?  [10:40] How much of a concern is tooth decay, and how and when should we wean our child from the bottle? [11:08] What are some signs that your baby is ready for a drinking cup?  [12:31] How and when to use sippy cups, open cups, and bottles?  [13:52] Jessica shares her takeaways from the conversation with Dr. Amy.   Mentioned in this episode: Brought to you by   Receive weekly emails about your child’s development, and stay in the know about new play essentials, promos, and more by signing up at Follow Lovevery and Jessica Rolph on Instagram.
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