Manuel II goes a-calling on the heads of state of the major European powers in order to find some support in saving his dying empire.
Published 11/21/18
A lot has been going on in the former Western Roman Empire in the 300 years between 1100 and 1400!
Published 11/04/18
Introducing the Hokey Cokey Emperor. Is he in power or out? In, out, in, out!
Published 10/21/18
Podcast resumption.
Published 09/30/18
Fractious and incompetent behaviour from the ruling family plunge the Empire into crisis. It’s not going to get any better!
Published 07/31/18
A brilliant general becomes Emperor of Nicaea. It only takes him a few years to regain the great city of Constantinople.  Unfortunately everyone is out to get him and it takes a lifetime of juggling to stabilise his empire.
Published 07/01/18
The Myths and History of Greece and Rome will be back next weekend.
Published 06/24/18
Welcome to nearly sixty years of total and utter chaos. Four empires and at least twenty emperors fight, make alliances, break alliances and generally fail to get on. Something has to give!
Published 05/07/18
The Angeli prove themselves to be so incompetent that the capital of the Empire cannot withstand the crusading armies.  Calamity results.
Published 04/22/18
Andronicus Comnenus could not, quite obviously, be allowed to continue as Basileus. If only his demise, like that of Domitian for example, had been planned. Then, perhaps, the chaos and incompetence that followed could have been avoided.
Published 04/01/18
Manuel Comnenus thinks big but is a bit to pro-western. His cousin, though, is an entirely different kettle of fish!
Published 03/18/18
Introducing the new mythandhistory website. www.mythandhistory.co.uk  
Published 03/10/18
John the Beautiful fails to achieve all his aims as he goes and dies at exactly the wrong moment.  He is succeeded by his son: how will he do?
Published 03/04/18
Alexius’s son proves himself to be the equal of his father!
Published 02/17/18
The Pope launches the first crusade with mixed results for Alexius and hie empire!
Published 12/28/17
A quick look at France, Germany and England in the 300 years up to the start of the First Crusade.
Published 10/28/17
Everyone knows about 1066 and all that. The Normans' other conquests are less famous but equally important. Just ask Alexius Comnenus!  
Published 08/20/17
Disloyalty and bad planning lead to disaster.
Published 08/02/17
The great Macedonian Dynasty comes to an end. The Empire begins its final spiral into nothingness.
Published 05/23/17
Basil's death begins a steep decline. If you want to be emperor then marry Zoe!
Published 05/07/17
Basil II finally has time to give his full attention to the Bulgars. It's not pretty!
Published 04/16/17
Basil II takes control of his empire, finally dispatching the pesky Bardases! And then he plans... a lot.
Published 01/22/17
The Empire is still on the rise despite the meddling of two men called Bardas!
Published 01/08/17
Have a great holiday, with the correct audio file this time!
Published 12/25/16
Romanus II succeeds his father but is partied out before too long.  Romanus's loss is the Empire's gain.
Published 12/15/16