056 Talking About SExSI Shoulder Strength with Dr Mikkel Clausen
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In this months episode, Adam and Greg chat with Dr Mikkel Clausen from University College Copenhagen in Denmark about his recent study looking at the addition of shoulder strengthening exercises for patients with persistent shoulder pain The SExSi trial can be found here To become a NAF patreon click here To find out more about Rehab Guru and get your NAF discounts click here
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In this months episode Adam and Greg are joined by Ben Cormack who is well known for his views and knowledge on pain and exercise to discuss what the evidence says is the best type and amount for helping painful problems To read Bens recent paper click here To find out more about Rehab Guru...
Published 06/25/22
Published 06/25/22
WARNING: This months extrasode comes with an extra adult language warning as Adam takes a look at the role of cursing and swearing in physiotherapy and life in general.  To read the original blog click here To find out more about Rehab Guru click here To become a show Patreon click here
Published 06/05/22