Stalking a serial killer
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Peter Norris Dupas is the worst type of serial killer -  a man who stalked women for decades and, police suspect, randomly killed six strangers. Convicted of the murders of Nicole Patterson and Margaret Maher he was the prime suspect in the murder of Mersina Halvagis, stabbed to death in 1997 in the Fawkner Cemetery tending her grandmother’s grave. It would take homicide investigators Jeff Maher and Paul Scarlett 13 years, two trials and a shock witness to get their man. This is the inside story on the pursuit of Peter Dupas and the fight for justice for Mersina Halvagis. Andrew Fraser, a lawyer police loved to hate, would become the star witness. We hear from Fraser, the police and the prosecutors on the 13 year journey that led to Dupas’ conviction and life sentence. Thanks for listening. Please take the time to rate & review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods. We love to hear your thoughts and it makes it easier for the rest of the podcast world to find us. Become a subscriber: our supporters power our newsrooms and are critical for the sustainability of news coverage. Becoming a subscriber also gets you exclusive behind-the-scenes content and invitations to special events. Click on the links to subscribe or  
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