Trace Lysette on 'Hustlers', heartbreak and healing from trauma
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After slipping off her Prada combat boots, Trace Lysette settled into Catt's cozy leather chairs and spoke candidly about her life, her career and her future. While you may know her from Transparent or her recent role alongside J.Lo and Constance Wu in Hustlers, Trace shares a glimpse of what her life has been like off-screen. From being bullied as a teen in Ohio when she started to show signs of femininity, to becoming an openly transgender woman in Hollywood, Trace talks about feeling the need to constantly look over her shoulder. She also shares how she's coping with a painful breakup, why a showgirl in Dayton, OH changed her life, and how she's tired of being a "lone soldier." Also in this episode, Catt and Trace talk about equal pay, and Catt pledges to advocate for trans women in her future discussions on the issue. *** If you want to support the show, and keep this conversation going outside of our weekly episodes, you can find us on Patreon. Head to and sign up to contribute any amount of money to the show — $1, $5, it’s your choice — to get instant access to all sorts of goodies, like ad-free episodes or behind-the-scenes looks at the show. You’ll also get to join this super cool, constantly growing community of women who are looking to connect in a very real way - just like you!
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