The new solar arrays on @Space_Station, iROSA, are providing power to the station with improved efficiency. ROSA technology will also help power Gateway, and the DART mission!
Published 11/22/21
The ISS is a one-of-a-kind laboratory, as well as an incubator for new business, accelerating the development of a new space economy in low-Earth orbit.
Published 06/22/21
Colorful bursts of energy above thunderstorms called transient luminous events can be observed from the International Space Station. Instruments on the station are helping scientists study these particle outbursts, which may prove useful to better understand our climate, weather, and the behaviors of storms.
Published 03/23/21
Published 03/23/21
The International Space Station is well known as an orbiting laboratory, but during the past decade the station has also served a very different role - that of being a business incubator. One of its star products is the CubeSat.
Published 11/16/20
The commercialization of low-Earth orbit is enabling a new market in space, while aiding NASA in its mission of exploration and discovery.
Published 07/25/20
Earth observing instruments on the space station along with photography from crew members serve to keep a multifunctional eye on our home planet.
Published 04/22/20
Scientists are using AMS-02 on the Space Station to study fundamental particles originating from sources up to billions of light years away. These particles may hold the key to understanding both the composition and history of our universe.
Published 03/10/20
The International Space Station provides the only microgravity environment in which we can test technologies critical to our deep-space exploration in the near and far-term future.
Published 12/06/19
The continuously expanding solar wind begins in our Sun and doesn’t stop until after it reaches the edge of the heliosphere.
Published 11/24/19
AMS-02 is helping scientists investigate many fundamental physics questions from its place on the space station. Astronauts are conducting a series of spacewalks to perform repairs and extend the life of the observatory.
Published 11/21/19
The presence of water on the Moon opens up many exciting possibilities for future exploration and just as many questions about that water’s origins.
Published 10/24/19
Neptune will be at opposition in September, providing an opportunity to observe this planet that is invisible to the naked eye, but that scientists would love to see more clearly.
Published 09/09/19
"Black Holes" is one of the most highly searched terms about our universe. How much of what we think we know about black holes is actually true?
Published 08/13/19
Welcome to the world of 3D biomanufacturing, a cutting-edge practice on Earth that is being tested aboard the International Space Station.
Published 07/30/19
In July 1994, astronomers around the world watched as the fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 slammed into the planet Jupiter.
Published 07/26/19
Scientists are unlocking clues about the earliest formation of our solar system from a Kuiper Belt Object known as 2014 MU69.
Published 07/08/19
Experiments have taken place aboard the International Space Station to study cement based concrete in microgravity.
Published 06/11/19
The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) on the space station beams laser light down to Earth to reveal the height and density of trees and vegetation.
Published 04/30/19
Living 3D versions of human organs called Tissue Chips are being sent to the International Space Station to be studied in microgravity.
Published 04/18/19
NASA is using sounding rockets to study the cusp, a point where the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet dips inward and touches down to Earth.
Published 04/14/19
The relationship between a successful exploration mission and balanced nutrition is vital in the extreme vastness of outer space.
Published 04/03/19
As NASA prepares to send astronauts and spacecraft long distances through space, scientists are keeping an eye on the weather. Space weather.
Published 03/27/19
2019 is an excellent year to look to the sky and enjoy the spectacular view of Earth’s nearest neighbor, the Moon.
Published 03/20/19
Small Worlds hold keys to questions about our solar system and the origin of life on Earth.
Published 02/15/19