South America’s Gran Chaco region spans a complex mix of land, climates, and species. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar shares her passion and know-how with the people who live there to protect their natural treasure from unsustainable development.
Published 11/11/13
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and data artist Jer Thorp translates unimaginable blurs of information into something we can see, understand, and feel—data made human through visualizations that blend research, art, software, science, and design.
Published 11/04/13
National Geographic grantee and forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni is known for using nontraditional pathways to raise awareness of nature’s importance to human lives, working with artists, preachers, musicians, and even prisoners.
Published 10/28/13
Many outdoor enthusiasts live to pursue sports in far-flung regions. Many scientists need samples and data from those same hard-to-reach places. Enter National Geographic Emerging Explorer and conservationist Gregg Treinish, who's bringing the two worlds together in the name of science. 
Published 10/21/13
A vast sea of illegal and unregulated fishing threatens food supplies and livelihoods worldwide, with the culprits almost impossible to see or catch. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and engineer Shah Selbe thinks technology could change that.
Published 10/15/13
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and glaciologist Erin Pettit has conversations with glaciers. Mainly, she listens. As she translates their language, she’ll tell the rest of us what they’re saying about sea level rise and climate change.
Published 10/07/13
Without little green men to conquer, National Geographic Emerging Explorer and planetary geologist Bethany Ehlmann has been free to direct NASA's Curiosity rover simply to study the ancient rocks and environment of our cool red neighbor.
Published 09/30/13
While digging up an abandoned World War II prisoner of war camp in Manitoba, Canada, archaeologist and National Geographic grantee Adrian Myers discovers some surprising details about the lives of the German soldiers once imprisoned there.
Published 09/23/13
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and computational geneticist Pardis Sabeti is on a mission to combat infectious disease. Her weapon of choice? Complex algorithms.
Published 09/16/13
In the quest to reach new ocean depths, National Geographic grantee and ocean explorer Michael Lombardi has developed a portable underwater habitat that allows scientists essentially to camp out underwater for unprecedented lengths of time.
Published 09/09/13
Wildlife filmmaker and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Sandesh Kadur captures remote places and rare creatures hoping to show people things they otherwise might never see, and to inspire them to protect the natural world.
Published 09/03/13
Born and raised in South Africa himself, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Steve Boyes has dedicated his life to restoring and preserving Africa's wilderness areas and the species that call them home.
Published 08/26/13
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and roboticist Chad Jenkins explores how to get robots out of the lab and into the real world performing useful and important work—whether that be in the home, outer space, or war-torn battlefields. 
Published 08/20/13
National Geographic Fellow Sandra Postel views the world through a water lens, advocating for all to make simple and easy changes to their everyday lives that will help "Change the Course" of the Earth's precious supply of freshwater.
Published 08/12/13
Using archaeology to study the recent past, anthropologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Jason De León seeks to reveal human stories and new insights into the controversial topic of illegal border crossings.
Published 08/05/13
After witnessing the ritualistic killing of infants and children in his own tribe, 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer and humanitarian Lale Labuko co-founded Omo Child to provide safety, care, and education for the children he rescues.
Published 07/29/13
Your brain waves may change the appearance of art by 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Raghava KK, but at the same time his art may change you through interactivity that shows the many perspectives within every story.
Published 07/22/13
Join some of the world's top explorers as they share their work in the field ... and the tales of adventure, danger, and discovery that go along with it. This panel kicked off National Geographic's Explorer's Symposium, one of the year's most highly anticipated events. (Participants: Photographers and filmmakers Joel Sartore and Sandesh Kadur; planetary geologist Bethany Ehlmann; and anthropologist Jason De León).
Published 07/03/13
Mysteries surrounding these ocean giants are finally being solved, thanks to the unique research of 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer Andrea Marshall.
Published 07/03/13