For the Love of Trees
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National Geographic grantee and forest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni is known for using nontraditional pathways to raise awareness of nature’s importance to human lives, working with artists, preachers, musicians, and even prisoners.
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South America’s Gran Chaco region spans a complex mix of land, climates, and species. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar shares her passion and know-how with the people who live there to protect their natural treasure from unsustainable development.
Published 11/11/13
National Geographic Emerging Explorer and data artist Jer Thorp translates unimaginable blurs of information into something we can see, understand, and feel—data made human through visualizations that blend research, art, software, science, and design.
Published 11/04/13
Many outdoor enthusiasts live to pursue sports in far-flung regions. Many scientists need samples and data from those same hard-to-reach places. Enter National Geographic Emerging Explorer and conservationist Gregg Treinish, who's bringing the two worlds together in the name of science. 
Published 10/21/13