003 5 Essentials to Know Before Starting a Network Marketing Business
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There are so many things I wish I knew before starting my journey as a network marketer. I feel if I'd known of these things, I would have had so much more clarity and confidence in getting started. I'll be sharing some of the lessons, blessons (lessons that turn into blessings) and tips to look out for when starting your business so you can avoid many of the mistakes I made. You'll be getting insights on how to build your business and help people on levels that blow your mind.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: - The 5 essential things to know before joining a network marketing company  - What my experience was like as a Network marketer for the first time - The unique qualities that can make you a fantastic network marketer - The benefits of having a supportive community When you decide to join a marketing company, make sure to ask the right questions that give you knowledge on how they operate. There are so many companies and products you can market, be sure to pick the one you're passionate about, with out getting caught up in the hype, and smoke and mirrors. This enables you to set yourself up for success Resources:  - My website https://www.martenewallace.com/  - Our Adventures at Free to Explore https://www.freetoexplore.co/  - Find me on Facebook: https://facebook.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Instagram https://instagram.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC6ZSTmhfAfhwRT723P_TaJg 
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