006 How to Deal with Your Unsupportive Family
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When starting a business, we tend to seek support from our family first.. What happens when your family is unsupportive of your dream? Do  you try to convince them?  I'll be sharing my story on how my family reacted when I made the decision to leave my full time job as a clinical nurse manager (one of the most loved and trusted professions on the planet)  to become a full-time network marketer and chase a dream, which to many seemed CRAZY.  I also share simple ways to overcome an unsupportive family without it being awkward.  What You Will Learn In This Episode: - Understand why your family could be unsupportive of your business - An effective approach to getting your family to support you - How to balance life between network marketing and your family time - The importance of getting your family's understanding  Having an unsupportive family while starting your business doesn't mean that they don't love you.  Resources:  - My website https://www.martenewallace.com/  - Our Adventures at Free to Explore https://www.freetoexplore.co/  - Find me on Facebook: https://facebook.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Instagram https://instagram.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC6ZSTmhfAfhwRT723P_TaJg
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