73: Introducing Imagined Family Life
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Imagined Life Family immerses you in the surprising moments and challenges that shaped someone’s life before they became successful-- but there’s a catch. You won’t find out who you really are until the end of the episode, unless you follow the clues along the way! In this episode, you long to go to Africa and have adventures like Tarzan. But everyone tells you girls aren’t supposed to do things like that. You’ll just have to prove them wrong. Take a journey with Imagined Life Family and see the world through someone else’s eyes.  LINK: http://wondery.fm/ILF_NeverThought
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    On this week’s episode things kick off with Celia REEEALLY making an “ass” of herself, as Jodie tries to introduce their new producer Sabrina, who’s sole job is steering the crazy NTIST ship. You know, as much as anyone can steer a ship filled with cursing pirates! More importantly, the...
Published 08/04/21
This week the ladies of Never Thought I'd Say This make it through technical difficulties to be joined by America's TV Dad, Bob Saget! He comes to share some laughter and wisdom and even some insight as to how Little Richard may have had a "hand" in Jodie being constantly forgetful.  Things get...
Published 07/28/21
Jodie and Celia talk about peer pressure on this week’s episode of Never Thought I’d Say This after Celia’s kids (and Dustin) tried to use their powers of pressure on her to no avail. They then examine the different types of peer pressure and reminisce about some peer pressure-y situations they...
Published 07/21/21