Published 01/31/19
Pro Bowl Week
Published 01/24/19
Week 17
Published 12/27/18
Cynthia Frelund is coming off a week where she correctly picked 10 winners! She ran 10-thousand simulations on every week 16 game, so who does she have coming out on top in Steelers-Saints? Ravens-Chargers? Chiefs-Seahawks? The answers are a click away. Steelers-Saints (2:40). Buccaneers-Cowboys (8:15). Ravens-Chargers (10:30). Bills-Patriots (14:45). Jaguars-Dolphins (19:40). Bears-49ers (22:00). Broncos-Raiders (24:10). Falcons-Panthers (26:10). FANTASY FUTURES (27:00). THE DOGS...
Published 12/20/18
Week 15 Predictions
Published 12/13/18
Week 12 Projections
Published 11/21/18
Week 11 Predictions
Published 11/15/18
Week 10 Predictions.
Published 11/08/18
Week 9 Predictions
Published 11/01/18
Week 8 Predictions
Published 10/25/18
Cynthia Frelund predicted 11 winners correctly from week 6, and she's ready to build on that momentum as we head into week 7. Chargers-Titans (4:18). Panthers-Eagles (6:35). Lions-Dolphins (11:05). Patriots-Bears (13:00). Vikings-Jets (17:22). Bills-Colts (21:35). Rams-49ers (23:47). Cardinals-Broncos (28:45). Saints-Ravens (31:10). Cowboys-Redskins (34:35). Browns-Buccaneers (38:02). Texans-Jaguars (44:50). Bengals-Chiefs (48:35). Falcons-Giants (50:45).
Published 10/17/18
Week 6 NFL predictions.
Published 10/11/18
Which prevails? Jacksonville's staunch defense or Kansas City's high flying offense? Cynthia Frelund ran 10-thousand computer simulations on that game, as well as every other week 5 game!! See who came out the winner the most often when it was all said and done. It's the Game Theory and Money podcast, week 5 edition!
Published 10/04/18
Cynthia Frelund faired very well in week 3 despite all sorts of major upsets. See what her 10,000 computer simulations on each week 4 game produced, what she has for 3 confidence picks this week (she's now 7 for 10 this season on confidence picks) and get to know Matt "Money" Smith on a very intimate level...it left Cynthia in tears, and will do the same to you! It's Game Theory and Money week 4 edition!
Published 09/27/18
10,000 simulations on every single week 3 match-up! Dive into the Game Theory and Money podcast this week to see if the Browns can pull off their first win, which team seems like an absolute lock to walk away a winner, plus which game has the most potential to offer up some offensive fireworks. Join Matt "Money" Smith and analytics guru Cynthia Frelund as they make their was through a sea of numbers to provide you clarity for all of week 3's outcomes!
Published 09/20/18
She told you the Vikings would win comfortably over the 49ers; she told you there would be tons of points scored in the Ravens-Bills game; she picked the correct winner in 13 of the 16 week 1 games in the NFL; and she got all 3 of her confidence picks correct. So what does Cynthia Frelund have in store for week 2? Join Cynthia and Matt "Money" Smith as we take you into the world of analytics to see what exactly will happen on the field this week. Predictions ahead!
Published 09/13/18
Matt "Money" Smith and analytics expert Cynthia Frelund go through her computer simulations to reveal who will win each week 1 matchup in the NFL to kick off the 2018 season.
Published 09/06/18
NFL Network Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund sits down with Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens to talk about his use of analytics in coaching and his relationship with Bill Belichick and the Patriots (1:00). Also, from her visit to the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, Cynthia speaks with Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey about James Harden's NFL comparison (16:25) and Warriors Assistant GM Kirk Lacob about the defining characteristics of the 2018 Golden State...
Published 05/16/18
Cynthia Frelund and Matt “Money” Smith discuss the top prospects in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, including Penn State Running Back Saquon Barkley (5:10). Cynthia Frelund breaks down why she feels Florida State’s Derwin James is the best safety in the draft (10:40) and what his best landing spot is. Then, they deliberate over which teams can bounce back next season with some under the radar returns. Cynthia also talks about which untraditional stats she would like to see used on a larger scale...
Published 04/12/18