Best Songs Under 3 Minutes
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In today’s episode we’re recommending the best songs that have a length of 3 minutes or less. We spoke about songs such as 8701 by J.I.D ft. 6LACK, Dear Summer by Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z, Shine by Aminé and more. LIVE ALBUM REACTIONS HERE List of Songs Discussed •Dear Summer by Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z •Shine by Aminé •Punchin the Clock by J. Cole •Bad News by Blu & Real Bad Man •& More
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Winter is upon us and we felt like it was the perfect time to discuss the best songs and albums for this season. - List of Songs & Albums Discussed •Up from the Ashes by Kanye West •Lucy Pearl by Lucy Pearl •Wintertime by Cordae •John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman •&...
Published 11/28/23
Published 11/28/23
In today’s episode, we’re discussing some of the most underrated songs from popular rappers. This includes Kanye West’s Late, Future’s All Right, Outkast’s Crumblin’ Erb and more. - List of Songs Discussed  •Late by Kanye West •All Right by Future •Crumblin’ Erb by Outkast •Folgers...
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