Listen to the day's top stories, the must reads & a whole lot more for today's modern investor.
Published 11/30/23
Published 11/30/23
Listen to the day's top stories, the must reads & a whole lot more for today's modern investor.
Published 11/29/23
Consumer confidence is climbing for the first time in 4 months, but some other economic data suggests a “hard landing”. We’ll look at what’s driving the divergence. Plus, Cyber Monday spending surpassed Black Friday, giving a big boost to the Buy Now, Pay Later names. The analyst who upgraded Affirm will join us with why now and what’s next. And Workday, Intuit and Foot Locker results are on deck. We’ll reveal at the AI angles Wall Street will be watching.
Published 11/28/23
This Cyber Monday the CEO of ‘buy now, pay later’-company Klarna weighs in on the record demand for those loans as holiday shopping ramps up. And with that demand boosting Shopify’s shares by nearly 10%, we look at the other payment names that could see a positive halo effect. Plus, October’s new home sales data flashing warning signs for sellers ahead of the slow housing season.
Published 11/27/23
People across the country gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days of the year as consumer sentiment shows signs of improvement. We’ll look at whether spending could surprise to the upside. Plus, prices for goods and services are falling, but remain above pre-pandemic levels. We’ll look at where the drops are – and aren’t – and what that signals about the strength of the economy. And could jewelry-maker Pandora benefit from the consumer shift to more affordable, lab-grown diamonds? The...
Published 11/22/23
Kelly explains fact vs. fiction when it comes to consumer prices right now.
Published 11/22/23
We have the latest on Sam Altman’s shocking exit from OpenAI and why it could become a legal headache for Microsoft. Plus, our market guest sees some strong technical signals that the rally is here to stay despite today’s weakness. And should corporate pensions make a comeback? Our guest says we’re already seeing a renaissance and it’s even good for corporate budgets. He’ll join us to make his case.
Published 11/21/23
Listen to the day's top stories, the must reads & a whole lot more for today's modern investor.
Published 11/20/23
Elon Musk once again in hot waters over his tweets, and his own company is back in damage control to reassure advertisers. We’ll look at the fallout for both parties. Plus, has the Fed won the inflation fight but lost the recession battle? We’ll debate. And China’s cheap retail apps are playing by different rules and gaining market share from U.S. brands. We’ll look at the names most at risk, and the ones actually benefitting from it.
Published 11/17/23
Listen to the day's top stories, the must reads & a whole lot more for today's modern investor.
Published 11/16/23
He was just on stage at Microsoft’s Ignite event, he's going to get on a plane to meet with President Xi, but first, he joins us live on this show. Microsoft's Satya Nadella on the company's big chip announcement, AI, China, and much more. And speaking of China – we're moments away from the first live pictures of President Xi and President Biden. Both countries competing for the global future, and one of our guests says if you take a clue from recent Xi speeches, a showdown of historic...
Published 11/15/23
Did today’s CPI number cement the end of the rate hike cycle? We’ll ask our economist if it’s enough to move the Fed to the sidelines. Plus, veteran emerging-markets investor Mark Mobius joins us with what part of the world he’s most bullish on (Hint: It’s NOT China!) And weight-loss drugs have weighed on the food stocks, but one analyst sees 20% upside in a name thanks to its protein portfolio and joins us to maker her case.
Published 11/14/23
We’re days away from a government shutdown, and that could put Thanksgiving travel in jeopardy, but we’ll look at why some analysts are more positive a deal will happen now. Plus, a lot has happened since the last time Chinese President Xi was in the U.S., but the tone from China toward American companies seems to be shifting. We’ll dig into what that means for the market, and who else could benefit. And we’ve got the debut of a new real-time gauge of how the consumer is really doing.
Published 11/13/23
San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly joins us exclusively, on the heels of Fed Chair Powell saying the central bank is “not confident” it has done enough to bring inflation down. Plus, how much will macro headwinds weigh on consumer spending this holiday season? Bank of America’s retail analyst gives us her preview. And Tripadvisor’s CEO is here with his outlook on the holiday travel season, and the growth the company is seeing in the “experience economy.”
Published 11/10/23
Stocks plunged on the 30-year bond auction results. We’ll digest them in real-time and look at where markets could go next. Plus, things are quiet on the IPO front during what’s historically a busy time. NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran joins us with his take on valuations and market conditions. And a surprising loser from the energy condition could be the agricultural industry. We’ll look at why and how to position.
Published 11/09/23
Should the Fed get credit for the fall in inflation? Jefferies chief market strategist David Zervos joins us with his take. Plus, two ways to play the trend of people being stuck in homes they bought with low mortgage rates. We’ll talk to two CEOs with a front-row seat to that trend. And Disney, Affirm, Instacart, and Arm are on deck with results. We’ll get the action, the story, and the trade in Earnings Exchange.
Published 11/08/23
The NY Fed’s newest report shows delinquencies are rising quickly in some areas, but our market guest is looking at another indicator she says suggests a rough holiday quarter ahead. We’ll look at what it is, and which market strategy to deploy into year-end. Plus, one lodging REIT just posted a solid quarter on the strength of corporate travel and conventions. The owner of the Grand Ole Opry joins us for an exclusive interview. And pet spending is still going strong. The CEO of Freshpet...
Published 11/07/23
Falling yields means good news AND bad news for the Fed and markets. We’ll look at why and how to position. Plus, do lower rates mean better prospects for the housing trade? Our analyst says yes, even with recession risks growing. And despite rising concerns about defaults in the private credit space, the market keeps growing. We’ll talk to one of the big lenders in the space about rates, returns, and recession risk.
Published 11/06/23
Kelly explains why pensions plans could offer a creative way out of the country's long-term fiscal problems.
Published 11/06/23
Did today's jobs report just cement the end of rate hikes? The market may be cheering the softer-than-expected numbers, but KPMG’s Diane Swonk says not so fast. Plus, one fast casual food stock is having a good week, but earnings were a mixed bag. The CEO joins us with what he’s seeing from the American consumer. And from China, to rates, to jobs and energy – it’s a special edition of Three Buys and a Bail. We’ll take a look at the week’s big themes, and make a trade for each.
Published 11/03/23
Listen to the day's top stories, the must reads & a whole lot more for today's modern investor.
Published 11/02/23
We have special coverage of the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates, live from Washington, D.C, featuring the fallout for stocks, bonds, the economy, and the consumer, as well as the view from Congress with Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA). Plus, we’re joined by one strategist on how to position your portfolio for any policy scenario ahead of a potential government shutdown.
Published 11/01/23
Just over 24 hours until the Fed’s decision on interest rates. We look ahead to tomorrow’s meeting and the fallout for stocks and bonds. Plus, mortgage rates remain near multi-year highs, but that’s a silver lining for the nation’s largest home-loan service. The CEO will join us with his read on the health of housing. And in the spirit of Halloween, we’re looking at the scariest hypothetical bear cases in tech.
Published 10/31/23
We have fresh signs that the economy is slowing, and hedge fund manager Kyle Bass says things are about to slow a lot more from here. He’ll join us with the biggest risks and opportunities he sees in the market right now. Plus, XPO shares are soaring on the back of earnings. The CEO is here with his read on the freight market. And the CEO of Spirit Halloween joins us ahead of the big day with his take on the consumer, commercial real estate, and the trends he’s seeing this year.
Published 10/30/23