Race Week 5: Chris Van Straaten, Rob Lyon, Ulrich Ostergaard, Michael Palm Toft, Chris Harris
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In this weeks episode Ian Brannan is joined by editor of the Speedway Star magazine Andrew Skeels, to take a look at the big stories and preview the up coming action. We also learn a little about the work which goes into producing the world's biggest speedway magazine, and quote how they managed to fill the pages during a year with very little action..! In this episode we speak hear from Wolves Owner Chris Van Straaten on their decision to postpone next week's fixture with Kings Lynn due to ongoing restrictions. We also chat to Broc Nichol who after an impressive start to the season is one of the riders heading to Glasgow aiming for a spot in next years Speedway Grand Prix series. There is reaction from Monday's TV meeting on Eurosport where Peterborough Panthers beat Wolves, and we hear from team managers Rob Lyon and Peter Adams. We also hear from Chris Harris on Birmingham Brummies plight, Michael Palm Toft after Redcar became the first to beat Glasgow, Sam Masters on Edinburgh, Ulrich Ostergaard on Glasgow and Jake Knight previews the Eastbourne Seagull's first home meeting, in June!
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