Succession Planning: Preparing for the future
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Episode #146 // Regardless of the size of business you’re in, one of your primary objectives is to prepare for the future. This means ensuring that you have the talent and capability in place so that, if something untoward happens to you or one of your key people, your business doesn’t skip a beat. So how do you actually ensure you have stability and continuity in your talent, especially in a micro-business where your options can be limited?  Knowing your people, the market, and what skills are truly core to the effective operation of your business is important if you are to make smart succession planning decisions.  In this episode, we talk about one of the world’s most famous key person risks, and I give you my eight tips for avoiding the cracks that can appear when you haven’t planned around your talent sufficiently. We've also got a [free] downloadable for this episode, my 8 Rules of Thumb for Succession Planning, so head to and grab your copy!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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