No Heart Episode 3- We talk trends and politics (Take back Canada!)
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In today’s episode we discuss trends in our new segment, Yes❤️ or No❤️? No need to get political, But we have a new party proposition! (And some great alliteration!) Vote for us to #takebackcanada and give it back to the people who originated here >:(. Sydneys about to move into her dorm and Annabelles going into senior year! Stream folklore here: and follow our new instagram: Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week on No Heart!
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Heyyyy sorry we left for so long like three months WHOOPS!! Today we talk about sydney’s boys (but not in too much detail ;) ) and our final days of school before Christmas break!! See you guys soon cause we will start posting more now!!
Published 12/16/20
Published 12/16/20
Welcome back to No Heart! Today we tell stories about school, work and Sydney’s adventures in Halifax! She’s living it up (while still social distancing!) We don’t have much else to say, except we ❤️ you guys and can’t wait to keep recording! We are now taking listener stories on instagram:...
Published 09/10/20