Episode 190: NBA PREVIEW
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BIlly and Adam hit the court to preview the upcoming NBA Season. In this episode they examine decades of Knicks failures, identify the new favorites to win the NBA title and try to find a new franchise to root for. Plus they beg for press, invite emails from their listeners and feature music by Snakes! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
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Billy and Adam make a grocery list and head to the supermarket. In this episode, they discuss the different types of markets, the different types of shopping experiences, the staples they always buy and the treats they like to gift themselves. Plus, the beginning stages of Beg-A-Thon, the allure...
Published 11/15/19
In this late night episode, Billy and Adam get comfy and put on their pajamas. What is the ideal sleep outfit? Do they run hot or cold? And a brief introduction to feather technology. Plus, more begging, bugs in the butt and music by Fat Joe! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea Sponsor: Quip
Published 11/08/19
Billy and Adam get spooky and discuss Halloween. Are they "costume guys?" When is it appropriate to eat your baby's candy? And what it is the best way to throw toilet paper in your neighbor's tree? Plus, Padma Lakshmi RTs Adam, their upcoming telethon, "Begging For Attention" and music by Kool...
Published 10/25/19