Episode 190: NBA PREVIEW
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BIlly and Adam hit the court to preview the upcoming NBA Season. In this episode they examine decades of Knicks failures, identify the new favorites to win the NBA title and try to find a new franchise to root for. Plus they beg for press, invite emails from their listeners and feature music by Snakes! Theme: Send Medicine - Way to the Sea
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Billy and Adam pick up the phone and listen to a bunch of listener's voice memos. Hear Billy and Adam hear from sports broadcasters, civil engineers, accountants, Android users, big sisters, little brothers, mother-in-laws and more. Plus, Game On, Adam's microphone and music by Johnny Cash!
Published 05/29/20
Billy and Adam reflect on the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance. What were their memorable moments? What stories surprised them the most? And did it change their perception of the 90's Bulls and Michael Jordan? Plus, a look back at their favorite cameos, MJ's supposed bullying, the scandals, the...
Published 05/22/20
Billy and Adam open up their bathroom cabinets to discuss skin care. What skin care secret has Billy been hiding? Why did Adam enjoy burning his face as a teenager? And how is bourbon like face cream? Plus, a discussion on The Last Dance, the Hall of Fame, bad pads, medical wings, artist...
Published 05/14/20