Ep 56: The things your parents & rabeim didn't tell you about marriage (Ft. Avi Singer)
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56) How to be prepared for marriage In this week's edition of the NobodyTalks Shidduchim Podcast, we sit down with Avi Singer. Avi is a licensed marrige and family therapist as well as small business owner. Throughout this episode, we discuss:  1) What does an ideal frum marriage look like 2) How one can prepare him/herself to be the ideal person they see in a marriage 3) Are frum marriages more difficult to maintain due to the various factors (expensive lifestyle, religious levels, lack of incorporation of modern day life needs 4) Is the separation between boys and girls from a young age leading people people to be less ready for relationships 5) Should you have a short list of qualities you need in a spouse? If so, what are they? 6) How to tell you are really ready for marriage? 7) The things a married person only knows, and how to use that information to help others 8) Does our community put to much of a burden on the idea that getting married is the be all end all, and not enough attention on how to maintain a healthy relationship? 9) What are habits to pick up that will make you an a great spouse? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/support
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