Nick's Ice Cream Founder Niclas Luthman on developing high-tech, good for you sweets
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The story of Nick's begins in 2014, when a Swedish serial entrepreneur with a background in mechanical engineering was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Niclas Luthman had to change his diet, but he still loved and craved sweets. This led to him tinkering around in the kitchen and creating a line of "better for you" snacks and sweets that have no added sugar, gluten, or palm oil. Nick's products involve an enormous amount of R&D. enabling them to achieve new food feats like offering an ice cream with 70% fewer calories than other leading brands. Nick's recently closed $30 million in funding, launched its ice cream in 4,000 stores across the US, and has expanded into 15 European markets. Tune in for this startup's how I built this story.  9:30 How Nick's started  17:00 Building every ingredient from scratch 23:00 The power of a good team in an emerging industry 32:00 Developing innovative products from science 42:00 Advice for scaling in Sweden vs the USA Share your feedback and thoughts or discover new episodes on Instagram @nordicfoodtech
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