Life doesn’t have manual and it’s a real life lesson we take each day. We bumped in to some problem solving, solution required situations and of course fun times. We mimic and copy but then our life story is the best version on our own, and if you are the writer, how are you going to write your story and are you gonna publish that? Let’s grow together and hope you listen to my episodes and relate, share your thoughts and publish your version of amazing you. --- This episode is sponsored...
Published 02/28/21
Inspirational to start up the day
Published 10/11/20
July 1, 2020 Didache reflection. Woooa it’s a brand new month ♥️ let us continue to look forward for more bountiful and God filled life ahead 💕
Published 06/30/20
Sharing preview of the content of the book I bought from Joena San Diego. It’s worth the read book, let’s grow to be the woman God wants us to be.
Published 06/19/20
Published 06/19/20
My first podcast ever! I’m so excited with this, I was trying many times but I don’t have the guts, and here it is! My first segment is merely on introduction, a little background about me. I will my best to tackle exciting contents yey 😊 Norie Loves now signing on 💕
Published 06/18/20