House of the Dragon E5
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Timestamps 1:38 are the Maesters working with the Hightowers to poison Viserys? 7:04 Ad spot 7:06 Difference between Lady Royce dying in the book vs show 10:20 Otto making points? If Viserys dies sooner, would it help Rhaenyra's case? 11:42 Larys Strong theories — Did he give Rhaenyra the tea? Is he possibly a Greenseer? 23:10 Fabien Frankel gives more insight into Ser Criston Cole snapping 32:52 Best episode yet in HOTD? 33:29 Fallen crown shot Follow us on twitter @culturecrave | @mytweetsmid @rosscutsforth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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:35 Spring 2023 filming for S2 — likely won't release until 2024 1:20 Painted Table was sick 2:30 Rip Lucerys / Book description of the events 5:00 Season ends on a good note 6:00 S2 start in Winterfell? They destroyed the Winterfell set though 8:20 Sizes of the dragons 8:50 Where Driftmark is...
Published 10/27/22
Published 10/19/22
8:29 'civilians dont matter' — yet a common theme in GRRM's books is the plight of the common people 8:50 'Not her war' — yet her grandkids are betrothed to Rhaenyra's kids 9:08 Rhaenys didnt kill them because she saw Alicent 'mother to mother' 12:20 Rhaenys scene was not in the book, hard to...
Published 10/19/22