House of the Dragon E6
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Timestamps :35 Luke's theories and thoughts 4:07 Laena's death 6:50 The duel between Daemon and the Sealord of Braavos' son to marry Laena was removed from the story 8:20 More book differences. Would've been cool to see Laena getting her dragon 10:00 Kids are going to be very important after the final time jump 10:34 Intro was updated — Alicent had 4 bloodlines. Where is Daeron Targaryen? 13:13 Rhaenyra definitely should've been banging a guy with blonde hair instead 15:05 Rhaenys Targaryen (in the book) had black hair, so it was more ambiguous with the grandkids' hair color 16:17 Ad break 16:50 Daemon was right. Viserys could overrule Alicent but he's a weak king 17:40 Maester leeches guy is gone, and probably why Viserys is even alive still 18:27 Rhaenyra had no maesters at her birth 19:47 Could dragon-riding have caused the birth issues with Laena? 20:37 Going over Larys theories with Luke 21:53 Larys put his firefly sigil on the criminals who killed his family... why would he do that 24:04 Helaena have the Targaryen dreams? Some serious foreshadowing 26:26 Ser Criston Cole got off way too easy 29:05 Ned Stark / Harwin Strong parallel 29:34 Stranger reference with the Faith of the Seven Follow us on Twitter @CultureCrave @thrones_facts. Drop a rating / review on Apple or Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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:35 Spring 2023 filming for S2 — likely won't release until 2024 1:20 Painted Table was sick 2:30 Rip Lucerys / Book description of the events 5:00 Season ends on a good note 6:00 S2 start in Winterfell? They destroyed the Winterfell set though 8:20 Sizes of the dragons 8:50 Where Driftmark is...
Published 10/27/22
Published 10/19/22
8:29 'civilians dont matter' — yet a common theme in GRRM's books is the plight of the common people 8:50 'Not her war' — yet her grandkids are betrothed to Rhaenyra's kids 9:08 Rhaenys didnt kill them because she saw Alicent 'mother to mother' 12:20 Rhaenys scene was not in the book, hard to...
Published 10/19/22