#37: NUTRITION - Creatine: Listener Questions
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The final episode! 20+ quick fire listener questions all answered! More than ever I hope the timepoints below will prove useful for you! TOPICS  01:18 - Why does creatine have such a bad reputation? 06:05 - What can I take creatine with to increase absorption? 07:04 - Should I avoid creatine and glutamine together? 07:18 - If I take creatine with sodium, will it increase intracellular uptake? 09:04 - I've heard great things about CreGAAtin! What's your opinion? 10:40 - Creatine and Libido 11:55 - Does creatine have an impact on your mood? 13:22 - Is there a difference between men and women for water retention? 14:10 - Does water retention last for the whole duration of supplementing? 14:17 - How much weight will I gain when using creatine? 14:54 - Why are my clients getting headaches? 15:39 - Can I take creatine if I have Type 2 Diabetes? 16:19 - Should I use creatine during Ramadan? 16:58 - Can creatine help with fatigue and the effects of long Covid? 17:38 - I get really bloated and gassy taking creatine and inositol, am I taking too much? 18:19 - What effect does creatine have on PCOS? 19:47 - Are there any benefits to taking creatine during the menopause? 20:26 - Can it make your skin tingle? 20:41 - Is creatine an anabolic steroid? 20:45 - Can vegans get the same benefits from creatine as vegetarians do? 21:26 - Should you take creatine when on an aggressive cut?
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