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OFFICIAL VIDEO: (447) FUNK FLEX | DJ DRAMA | JACK HARLOW | #Freestyle148 - YouTube Funk Flex, what's going on? [Verse] She can’t help her horniness I can’t judge her boyfriend; he can’t help his corniness I envisioned myself on the top and it was glorious All I want is twenty mil' and Maddy from Euphoria Back in middle school, I did my thing in auditoriums Now I f**k it up inside the club until it’s 4 A.M Me, I like to kick it with the OGs and historians Reminiscing on the day they found out that Notorious Had passed away G just took me to the island, Cast Away I got tunnel vision, I got cash to make She wan' pull up on me at the hotel I'd be better off if I just m********e Used to catch hate from my classmates Hard to f**k with you ever since you left a bad taste Took a ATL shorty on a date to Cascade Now she coming over washing dishes just like cascade Fast pace, welcome to the fast lane Need to find a building with a preacher and a glass stain Just to get forgiveness for my sins and all my past ways Told 'em treat my forehead just like an ash tray I need all that Y’all had a run and it was fun but it’s a new era No baseball cap Tell these old heads go ahead and fall back She think that we bout to have some unprotected drunk sex But you know I always put the hat on like I’m Funk Flex Bitches like to party in the 'Ville but they be from Lex You think that I’m poppin', ha, wait time see what comes next I’m talking stupid money, dumb checks Fans at the show, they holding posters up like thumb tacks Rappers got a short-man syndrome and a God complex They want me finished, but I’m not done yet 2019, I hadn’t got one yet If you ask me now, do I got one? Yes First draft pick, number one prospect House party out in Prospect My brothers frustrated, told 'em trust the process My oxygen polluted and my food is processed These are dark times, but I digress We gotta keep living It’s going down in the city like it’s descending I heard that bullets flying with a lot of precision Once you winning they don’t wanna see you keep winning No wonder Bryson took his talents to Miami, like the decision Shout out DJ Camo out in D.C. cause he keep spinnin' I got lots of drama in my life like I’m Tyree Simmons M***********s acting like they 'bout it, but they pretending Hopped on a jet and went to sleep in it Switch on me, made your bed you gotta sleep in it I got my electrolytes replenished 'Bout to f**k the game up, I’m going deep in it SOURCE: Jack Harlow – Funk Flex | Freestyle #148 Lyrics | Genius Lyrics --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/masseffect/support
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