On The Trail With Cory Booker
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The senator and Democratic presidential candidate is hoping to "inspire the moral imagination in this country."
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President Trump held a rally on Thursday in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was his first rally since the mass shootings earlier this month. The team discusses his speech and why choosing New Hampshire to host the rally is significant for his reelection strategy. This episode: political reporter...
Published 08/16/19
As Beto O'Rourke recasts his campaign to more squarely focus on President Trump and Governor John Hickenlooper drops out of the race, questions arise about who should be running for president or the senate. Plus, after the markets take a nosedive, economists fear a potential recession. This...
Published 08/15/19
In an interview with The NPR Politics Podcast, the Democratic presidential candidate spoke about structural change on trade and guns, and how her life shapes her politics.
Published 08/13/19