Gestational Diabetes Explained with Casey Seiden, RDN
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If you’ve been pregnant, currently pregnant, are planning on getting pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, you know how stressful pregnancy can be. So much info is thrown at a pregnant woman on what they need to monitor during pregnancy. One of the important tests is in measuring if a pregnant woman has developed gestational diabetes. Today we have with us Casey Seiden a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in gestational diabetes. We will be discussing how gestational diabetes actually impact your pregnancy, why the “cola” drink they give you, and how it has evolved over the years and what you can do if this is a diagnosis you have been given. Connect with Casey: IG: Website: Connect with Johane: IG: FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by Johane Website: FREE Guide to 50 Foods That May Help Your GI Symptoms Connect with Kim: IG: Website: FIND OUT 'What your diet says about your health': CLICK HERE Music by: Lakey Inspired
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