Are You Addicted to “Slave Food”? w/ Dr. Columbus Batiste, MD
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We love our comfort foods right? We are often recommending that you retain your culture in your lifestyle because otherwise how sustainable would living a healthy lifestyle be? But when it comes to our culture, why is it that we focus a lot on the unhealthy foods that were introduced to us during slavery? What does moderation really mean when it comes to eating? How close could you be to disease developing if you continue to eat highly processed foods? Is it careless to make general recommendations of “eat whatever you crave morning, noon, and night”? Today we have on the podcast Dr. Columbus Batiste who is an Interventional Cardiologist and the co-founder of The Slave Food Project. He will answer all of the above questions and explain to us how risky it is to have a “cavalier” mindset when it comes to food. Connect with Dr. Columbus Batiste IG: @healthyheartdoc FB: Connect with Johane: IG: @wonderfullynutritious FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by Johane Website: ( Connect with Kim: IG: @kimrosedietitian Website: ( YouTube: ( How to support this podcast: -Rate + Review -Subscribe + Share
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