Body Liberation, HAES, and Anti-Diet Dietitians w/ Christyna Johnson MS, RDN, LDN
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By definition the term ‘diet' means the types of foods (and drinks) which are habitually consumed. In the 21st century ‘ diet' also lends itself to the foods which someone restricts themselves from eating. In our opinion, everyone has the right to choose which foods that do and do not enter their bodies. Although that is a basic human right,  truth be told food discrimination is alive and well. We’ve both had patients and clients who live in bigger bodies, have better metabolic panels that we do, and are discriminated against because of foods they eat. In the words of our guest, Christina Johnson, MS, RDN, LDN, our patients and clients don’t “owe us health” nor do they have to justify why they choose to eat the foods they do. On today’s podcast episode we have  a candid  conversation with Christyna Johnson as we discuss body liberation, HAES, and the anti-dietitian community from the perspective of an Anti-Diet Dietitian. Connect with Christyna: Instagram: @encouragingdietitan Connect with Johane: IG: @wonderfullynutritious FB: Wonderfully Nutritious by Johane Website: ( Connect with Kim: IG: @kimrosedietitian Website: ( FREE Plant-Based Meal Plan: Click HERE ( Music by: Lakey Inspired ( How to support this podcast: -Rate + Review -Subscribe + Share
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