The effects of Zoom on body image
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With the significant rise in video conferencing that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic we also saw an increase in the amount of time we spend looking at ourselves on camera. Maybe you've experienced hours upon hours of watching your facial expressions, feeling weird eating on camera, and maybe having a new source of body image stress. For others, maybe being on Zoom lets you think less about your appearance and the return to in-person is aggravating your body image anxieties. Both of these experiences have been documented in the research. In this episode, Claire shares research on the effects of Zoom on body image and seven tips to combat the negative effects video calls may be having on you. (View episode transcript) Links: (How to hide your self view on Zoom) Keep up with all things Flourish. ✨ (Get 70% off your first month) of Flourish Follow (Flourish (@weflourishapp) on Instagram) Follow (Claire (@claire_siegel) on Instagram)
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