Wait, should you be "should-ing" on yourself?
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Girl, stop should-ing all over yourself... When Claire first heard this catchy phrase, it really resonated with her. Giving yourself the permission to stop living your life in service other peoples opinions? Yes please! Except...what about those "shoulds" that come from your own internal wisdom? When living in alignment with your values and pursuing a flourishing life, these types of "shoulds" are inevitably going to come up. In this episode, Claire explores the difference between external and internal "shoulds" while giving you a framework for determining whether or not you should be shoud-ing on yourself. Keep up with all things Flourish. ✨ Use code https://app.weflourish.com/ (PODCAST) to start your Flourish journey for free Follow https://www.instagram.com/weflourishapp (Flourish (@weflourishapp) on Instagram) Follow https://www.instagram.com/claire_siegel (Claire (@claire_siegel) on Instagram)
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