Every Mother's Son: The Disappearance of Bear Diaz
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Twenty-year-old Bear Diaz has diabetes, leaving him weak and vulnerable. When he vanishes in the night with his TV, backpack and cash, investigators must consider foul play. Then, Skylar Tosic disappears, leaving people wondering if the cases are linked. COME TO OBSESSED FEST!! It's the first-ever OBSESSED NETWORK FAMILY WEEKEND! It's going to be a weekend full of live shows--OWD Friday night, TCO Saturday night (and two non-Obsessed Network live shows as well!), meet & greets, KARAOKE!, meetups, panel chats AND. ONE. INSANE. DRAG. BRUNCH!!! It's all happening at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio from September 30 - October 2nd. TICKETS ARE ALMOST GONE!! GET YOUR TICKET HERE!! LOOKING FOR MORE OWD? JOIN OUR PATREON! At the $5 level you get 3 FULL BONUS EPISODES PER MONTH! Right now there are over 50 full ad-free bonus episode to download and binge right this second! Including our coverage of "Pink Collar Crimes", "Fear Thy Neighbor," "Who The Bleep Did I Marry," "See No Evil", "Evil Lives Here", and "Snapped".
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