Wild Seed: Chapter 11
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Forward in time. Doro has been hunting Anyanwu for decades. He finds her, her children, generations of her line. All she has built, he wants. Yet again, she compromises to keep her people safe. And yet again, there is so much he fails to understand. Toshi and adrienne explore chapter 11 of Octavia E. Butler’s Wild Seed. And as always, offer questions for you and your people to consider.  Follow us on twitter at @oparables, and support us on Patreon at Octavia’s Parables. Visit our website at readingoctavia.com for transcripts and more.
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Published 01/24/22
Anyanwu and Doro find an uneasy peace. But Doro will not, cannot, understand or respect what is sacred to Anyanwu: those she loves. She is done. But yet again, Anyanwu chooses life. At the end, she draws boundaries and makes compromises. Is this survival? Toshi and adrienne break down the final...
Published 01/24/22
Conflict with Doro, and a suicide. Anyanwu, in her grief, returns to the sea to heal. And when she comes home, Doro is waiting. She finds strange comfort in this long-known being, and as always, danger. Toshi and adrienne break down chapter 13 of Octavia E. Butler’s Wild Seed. And as always,...
Published 01/17/22