Parable of the Talents: Chapter 21
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All about Larkin. The final chapter. She’s living in New York. Reconnected with uncle Marc, and the church. She knows her mother’s identity, with mixed awareness. Some of her childhood dreams have come true. And yet. Meanwhile, Lauren is gathering her people, with seduction and a chance at a purpose. And still, always, hunting for her daughter. To survive, know the past. Let it touch you. Then let the past go. Toshi and adrienne break down Chapter 21 of Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Talents. And as always, offer questions for you and your people to consider. Back next week, with the epilogue.  Follow us on twitter @oparables, and support us on Patreon at Octavia's Parables. Visit our website at for transcripts and more.
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