Wild Seed: Chapter 2
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Anyanwu leaves her village with Doro. Curiosity, fear, protection and attraction all in the mix. We learn more of Anyanwu’s healing powers, foraging skills, what she holds back. And learn more of Doro’s casual violence and power. Toshi and adrienne break explore chapter two of Octavia E. Butler’s Wild Seed. And as always, offer questions for you and your people to consider. Rich text, potent questions. Follow us on twitter at @oparables, and support us on Patreon at Octavia’s Parables. Visit our website at readingoctavia.com for transcripts and more.
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A specific trigger warning for this chapter, for abusive relationship. Anyanwu helps her daughter Nweke in her transition; Doro leaves them to it. We see anew the power of Anyanwu’s empathy, and Doro’s inability to understand it. We learn of Nweke’s fraught conception, rooted in punishment,...
Published 11/22/21
A specific trigger warning for this chapter, for child sexual abuse and incest. Fifty years have passed. Anyanwu is married to Isaac, and is mother to many. Her daughter Nweke is nearing her transition; Doro returns, called by the girl. When he arrives, he sees in Nweke an opportunity to replace...
Published 11/15/21
Published 11/15/21